Please provide the following when ordering:
1. DWG No.
2. Nominal Bit Size
3. Length
4. d x l (if required)
5. Hardness Grade

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Catalog Page 1 cover page
Catalog Page 2 order note
Catalog Page 3 Standard Dimensions, Hardness Grade, Selection Guide
Catalog Page 4 U22, MU22, U23, MU23, U30, MU30, U31, MU31, U40, MU40, U41, MU41
Catalog Page 5 U44, U50, MU50, U51, MU51, U54, U55, U57, N60, MN60, MN61, N63
Catalog Page 6 V44, R50, R51, R70, Z17, Z27, Z33, Z34, H40, H41, X75A, X75B
Catalog Page 7 SF20, SF21, SF30, SF31, SF40, SF41, SF50, SF51, SF60, SF61, SM300, SM600, SM30V
Catalog Page 8 BU30, BU40, BU50, HU30, HU40, HU50, HU54

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